A little bit about myself

Hi! I’m Jonathan, welcome to my blog. I am a Mobile Engineer who loves a good sense of humour, working towards becoming a Machine Learning Engineer and apply its techniques to mobile environments. My latest personal app built in Flutter – Tram Times MCR helps people from Manchester to get public tram information. Right now, I’m working on improving Oviva’s iOS App, a customised health platform which provides expert nutrition and lifestyle advice. 

I’m also an all-around nerd. I’m super excited to share what I’m learning here on this blog.

I started this blog mainly to write about what I’m learning in my own words and to share my perspectives and reflections with others and my future self. I’ve found helpful for me to document my views over the course of my life. Many of the blog posts will be a living document, so I’ll come back and edit things, add new info, etc.

With these notes, I would like to help someone who is in the same situation as me, and also to find people to have a good discussion.

What do I like to do?

I like travelling, cooking and eating!

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